Basic training course on radiological safety

The objective of the course is to provide a basic training on radiological safety as applied to industrial nuclear gauges.

To whom it is addressed

Auxiliary and non-technical personnel working in companies having radiation sealed sources or nuclear gauges.


Spanish, English or French.


Elementary concepts on radioactivity. Detectors. The concept of dose. Units. Irradiation and contamination. Biological effects. Objectives of radiological protection. Justification of practises. Optimisation. Dose limits for workers and public. Shields. Exposure time. Distance. Nuclear gauges. Sealed sources for industrial applications. Shutters and collimators.


The typical duration of the course is one hour and a half but this time can be modified according to customer's necessities. The course can be provided at the date and location that is convenient for each company. Each participant will be given printed technical notes.


The course is given by specialists widely experienced in industrial applications of radioisotopes who make part of NOLDOR staff and are IAEA(*) experts for assessment missions in many countries.

(*) IAEA stands for International Atomic Energy Agency.

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